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About Our Name

The name “Palagio” (Pa-la-gee-oh) comes from a storied region of Tuscany.  It means “palace”. At Palagio, we strive to be your “palace” of good times, friends, great food, personal growth, wellness, safety and independence. We are here to help. And serving you is our passion.

Master-crafted, Purpose Built

Palagio is master-crafted and purpose-built expressly for you. Your comfort.  Your pleasure.  Your safety. Your well-being.  Your peace of mind.

Before you even move in, we run a private, thorough assessment.  (If you are a couple, we run a separate assessment on each of you.) Then we create a flexible personal care plan.  We’re here to discreetly assist you with the daily activities of life so that you can enjoy life to the fullest!  Over time, you will change.  As your needs change, your discreet personal assistance plan will change.  While you live the good life® Palagio will meet your changing needs with our well-trained staff, superior programs, technology and resort-style amenities in a culture of continuing love and respect.

Whether you are fully independent, or need some assistance, or should ever require special cognitive care for a condition like Alzheimer’s; Palagio is ready to meet your unique, changing needs.  Come celebrate senior living with us at the sparkling, new Palagio!

Want to Learn More?

Call Amber Luke at (904) 639-4700 or email [email protected]. We’ll show you how easy it is to live at Palagio.  There is only limited availability.

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