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Furthering Wellness

The quality of your life is at the very foundation of your wellness.  Palagio provides outstanding quality. Safety.  Security.  Fresh, healthy, delicious food.  We offer a wide range of activities and programs to keep you as independent as possible while you enjoy doing the things you love. Palagio is a friendly, safe and engaging place where you can thrive.  At Palagio, we inspire and promote wellness in our activities and with the discreet assistance we provide. Whether it’s a Chef led cooking class at our Teaching Kitchen or a social  or religious worship event, our community works to establish an active, well-rounded, inspiring culture that gives you lots of ways you can live the good life®. 

Your Needs on Your Schedule

From anytime dining to a twenty-four hour fitness center to the always-open library and media center, Palagio is ready to meet your needs and wishes.  Organizing and scheduling medical appointments can also be time consuming, but seeing your physician regularly is an integral part of wellness. For those who want the convenience, Palagio has arranged for local physicians to make on-site visits so you do not have to make outside trips and sit in waiting rooms. But, if you have a local physician you prefer to see, Palagio has you covered. Transportation to and from your appointments can be scheduled minimizing the difficulty of driving, parking, pickups and drop-offs.

Next Steps

Searching for the right community can be tiresome, confusing and intimidating.  Our dedicated professionals at Palagio are ready to help you. Contact us today to find out how easy it is for you to move into Palagio!

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