The New Standard in Luxury Senior Living


Mission and Vision

What is the good life?

The Good Life is different for each of us.  You may be a foodie or travel aficionado.  You may love gardening or music.  Health and fitness could be of interest.  Making new friends.  Dating.  Dancing. Singing.  Or participating in an exercise class.  Making crafts.  Painting. Playing games.  Watching movies.  Mentoring young people.  Hatching monarch butterflies.  Cooking. Walking.  Learning about technology and new things.  Kicking around stock and fund picks.  Brewing beer.  Making wine.  Sharing your experiences.  Reading. Writing. Going on interesting excursions.  Helping others.  Being patriotic.  Rooting for your favorite teams.  Watching live presentations.  Gourmet meals.  Sports.  Our personalized programs and superior amenities are designed with you in mind.  Living the good life is about capturing your joy for living. Palagio integrates a well-trained team of dedicated professionals with a sophisticated web of technologies and proven programs so you can truly savor the good life!

Our Values Are As Easy As P.I.E.

Passion – The heart of the matter is the matter of the heart.  There are people who make things happen, people who watch things happen, and people who always seem to wonder about what happened! We make things happen.  At  Palagio, we have heart for what we do and we have a big heart for serving you.

Integrity – Do the right thing, the right way, every time.

Empowerment – Your well-being and independence are job one.  When you speak, we listen.  When you ask, it is our pleasure to answer you and discreetly assist.  We offer you choices.  We protect your privacy.  Palagio is YOUR home and it is our honor and privilege to serve you.

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senior woman relaxing on a blanket
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