The New Standard in Luxury Senior Living


Life Enrichment

Enriching Lives

Palagio’s person-centered approach gives you a wholly unique and fulfilling experience for happier, healthier living. Our rich and diverse amenities and activities are designed with you in mind. 

Collaborating with Our Residents

You are encouraged to participate in planning our events through the regular meetings of our Resident Advisory Council.   We also provide other opportunities for you to comment and make suggestions.   Palagio offers activities every day of the week, and your opinion matters.  When you move in you become a part of brain trust for making Palagio the best place to live for seniors.

Working with Families and Faith

As you grow older, the “noise” of everything you had to do when you were younger subsides.  It is natural to turn toward your loved ones.  Your faith. Palagio is a holistic approach.  We support your body, soul and spirit so you can thrive!  Live the good life® is about healthy, happy, inspired living.

To the extent you are comfortable, we inform and engage your loved ones in helping us provide you with the very best care.  For residents in our dedicated memory care neighborhood, called Evergreen, we have a smartphone app that lets loved ones know about the interesting things you are doing in real time with candid pictures!  The same app is available for those living outside of the protected memory care enclave and you can add your own comments like “Wish you were here!”

Isn’t it great to know that Palagio offers ways to strengthen your ties with loves ones with advanced communications?  This is an exciting time in life.  This is a time when your ties with loved ones can be strengthened and Palagio is equipped to help make that happen.      

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